November 2008

Stay-Home Shopping


Ynl_fernleaves_hair_lg Today is the biggest shopping day of the year, and therefore we cannot think of anything more nightmarish than going shopping. The crowds! The checkout lines! The thrashed merchandise! Yee-uck.

Here are three sites we love for stay-in shopping and saving.

1.    Sharp Lily
This blogger always manages to find affordable and chic items, and she notes the best sales on the web. Her motto? “You don’t need tons of cash to look money.”

2.    La Redoute
Though you may have to slog through some not-perfect pieces, this French version of H&M has the right prices, plus designer partners like Christian LaCroix and Laura Clement.

3.    Buy Olympia
Handmade stuff from cool artsy types. What could be better?

Pictured: Fern Leaves Hair Fastener from niceLena on Buy Olympia.

"Cold cereal and maybe toast"


A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Today, we give thanks for the big and little things in our lives: family, pets, friends…the invention of TiVo.And here’s one thing we give thanks for at I Heart Daily, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.

The Charles Schultz classic first aired in 1973 and has been a holiday staple on tubes across America ever since. Though Charlie Brown admits all he can cook is ”cold cereal and maybe toast,” and serves up pretzel sticks and jellybeans for a Thanksgiving feast, it doesn’t deter from the spirit of the holiday!

It proves that this holiday isn’t about the food—it’s about the people. Though, let’s all admit: pumpkin pie is pretty damn good.

Happy Turkey (and/or tofurky) Day!

Daisy Rock Guitars


Rc_spec_pinkmetro_pop Everyone should learn to play an instrument. It doesn’t matter if it’s the piano, violin, French horn or Didgeridoo, what matters is the joy that playing music brings to your life (if you can play the Didgeridoo, color me very impressed and a bit jealous).

However, in my humble opinion, few instruments can top the fun of the electric guitar. The power! The whammy bar! The loud noises you can make! With just three simple chords, you can play the entire Ramones oeuvre. But instead of your basic black axe or classic sunburst model, why not go for something with a little more pizazz? Perhaps, something with...sparkle? This is why we love Daisy Rock guitars.

Daisy Rock guitars are especially made with female guitarists in mind, because they're lighter and the neck is slimmer, so it’s easier for smaller hands to play. The best part is they are really great instruments, meaning you aren’t sacrificing quality for cuteness The guitar you see is the Rock Candy Special in Pink Metro, retailing for $399.20 at Daisy Rock. But it doesn't stop at pink -- head over to their web site to check out their various models in lots of pretty colors. Perhaps you'll be adding one of them to your wish list this year? Rock it.

Etsy Find: Button-Up Your Scarf!


Etsy_scarf Scarves are a necessary clothing accessory in the winter, without one, you’re screwed. But, despite all their cold weather attributes -- warm, fuzzy, cozy -- one of the things I hate most about scarves is the process of putting them on. How many times do I wrap it around my neck? Once, twice? Or should you just flip it once over your shoulder? Ah! It just never looks right! That’s why this scarf from Victorianbird on Etsy is the perfect solution: a scarf that buttons and stays put!

The one hitch is they ship from New Zealand, which is...far. But right now they’re on sale for $18 until the end of tomorrow! And when someone asks you were you got your cute scarf, you can brag and say: "Oh, you know...New Zealand."

Teens Turn Green into Glamour


Teens Turning GreenListen, we all love lipstick and eye shadow and mascara, not to mention the air of mystery a girl creates when she changes her nail color from hard candy pink to sparkling black satin.

The truth is, though, not all makeup is especially good for the environment—or for you. That’s where Teens For Safe Cosmetics comes into play.

Their mission is “to inform teens about an all-encompassing eco-lifestyle, beginning with greener alternative choices in cosmetics and personal care products as many ingredients have links to cancer, birth defects, and reproductive harm.”

Those are scary thoughts, and these girls are making strides in ensuring that more cosmetics companies produce safe products. In 2007, they spoke at a hearing in San Francisco to fight for laws in support of Nail Salon workers. This year, they took the floor again, this time at a hearing to ban lead in lipstick.

And they’re not just raising a ruckus, they’re also creating solutions themselves with the Teens Turning Green Collection of environmentally conscious beauty products, on sale at Whole Foods stores across the country.

Color us impressed (and, of course, totally green).

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