December 2008

Read It: January Round-up


TenThingsIHateAboutMe_Cover The library, the indie bookstore, Barnes & Noble--wherever you get your reading material, try these in January:

Ten Things I Hate About Me by Randa Abdel-Fattah ($17, Scholastic). Jamie has a double life. At school, she’s a bleached-blond Aussie; at home she’s Jamilah, a Muslim girl from a traditional family with an ultra-strict dad. The quest to find your true self is a common theme in Young Adult books, but Abdel-Fattah’s swift, smart and hilarious writing makes Jamie’s a standout journey.

But we're not done! Two more titles to pick up are...

Cracked Up to Be by Courtney Summers ($10, St. Martin’s). Parker Fadley had it all--the right grades, the perfect friends, the dream boyfriend--until events at one party spun majorly out of control. When the book begins, Parker is self-sabotaging to the brink of no return. This debut novel has a narrator who’ll tick you off and break your heart, then win you over with her raw vulnerability. (Plus it’s a paperback that’s under $10--bonus--and you can watch a trailer for the book here.)

Forever Princess by Meg Cabot ($17, HarperTeen). Does it seem like there’s a Princess Diaries book every year? There is! But this is the tenth and last one, and that means I am nostalgic for a series I haven’t yet read! I did, however, read Forever Princess, and I loved seeing reluctant Princess Mia learning to use her influence to help others while ironing out the many wrinkles in her own complicated love life. So now I have to go backwards. I also like that Princess Mia recently “wrote” a romance novel called Ransom My Heart, on sale this month. And all author proceeds for that one go to Greenpeace, which is royally generous of the fair Princess (and Cabot).

Cracked up to be cover Meg Cabot PD10 Image

An Eco-friendly Font? Yes!


Ecofont_logo_blauwe_bg While recycling soda cans and glass bottles is part of every day modern life, most of us still toss out our technological garbage with the rest of the trash. Case in point: 95% of printer cartridges end up in landfills, resulting in millions of pounds of waste every year. Not good. To help combat this issue, the Dutch marketing company, Spranq, developed an eco-friendly font that uses up to 20% less ink called, appropriately, Ecofont.

After several designs and rounds of testing, the team at Spranq discovered they could preserve the quality of the font most effectively by putting little holes in the letters (kind of like Swiss cheese). Print it between an 8 and 9.5 point--the size most newspapers and magazines use--and you won't even notice the holes. Spranq concedes it isn't the best looking font, but for printing things like emails and drafts of papers, it gets the job done quite nicely.

Best of all, you can download the font for free on their site. Sure, the ink saved on an individual basis is small, but just imagine if we all used this font! A little conservation can go a long way. Just ask Louis Staffilino, the man who managed to save 8 million pennies (that's $80,000). Believe.

Style Steal: Thakoon for Target


Thakoon dress Let’s get this out of the way--it’s pronounced “Tack-oon.” The designer is Thai-born and Omaha-raised, and was once an editor at Harper’s Bazaar. Now he makes pretty clothes for the runway, and--lucky us--for Target. Even Michelle Obama is a fan; she wore a Thakoon dress at the Democratic National Convention last summer.

Thakoon for Target hit stores just yesterday, and I’m psyched to stock up on florals and stripes (and maybe even wear them together if I’m feeling ballsy). My favorite piece is this 100% cotton Cyber Floral Dress ($40); it's a nice representation of the vivid colors in the line. Explore the whole collection, which includes a ton of shibori patterns (like on this awesome cardigan) and retails for just $15-$45 per item.

(Okay, I had to look up “shibori,” so here’s what it means: shibori is an ancient Japanese dying technique where you clamp and bind the fabric so that the dye makes patterns but doesn’t fully penetrate the cloth. So, it’s kinda like tie-dying but way more complicated.)

Oh, and if you’re considering the leggings trend, this pair of pants from Jonathan Saunders for Target (on sale for less than $9 right now!) is a perfect way to ease into it. They fit like a glove, but they still feel like pants. I bought two pairs.

The Red of Winter


Essie I just painted every fingernail on my left hand a different color so I could try out essie’s winter line. “Love, Beverly Hills xx” red ($18) is going to be my January shade, and not just because it's infused with 24 karat gold--but that’s a cool conversation starter.

It’s a pretty, shiny red, but not in a Dorothy’s-Ruby-Slippers kind of way--though that look has a place too. The hue is rich with a subtle twinkle, and you can snag the limited edition polish starting next week from essie.

Of note from the regular winter collection is “It’s Genius” ($8), which has a braggadocious name, but luckily, it delivers. Described as “a violet quartz shimmer,” it's instantly identifiable as purple, unlike others that end up looking black. This one is dark enough so that it’s not lavender, but rather a decidedly cool violet. And sometimes a girl needs to rock regal nails.

Hap-hap-happy Holidays!


Yup, that's all you get today: a cute little holiday greeting. Nothing informative or interesting, but isn't it cute? We hope you don't consider this coal in your stocking! We'll be back to our regular posts tomorrow, but for now, sit back, be cozy and eat some tasty treats.

We really do heart each and every one of you!

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