Anti-Teenager Lights


Bbc In the town of Mansfield in Nottinghamshire, England, residents have installed fluorescent pink lights to deter teenagers from hanging out and socializing in outdoors areas. Huh? Pink lights? That actually sounds kind of cool, except the hue highlights zits, thus keeping those pesky teens away to avoid embarrassment and insecurity. Wow. What a great…idea. NOT.

The Layton Burroughs Residents’ Association installed the lights. A member of the Association has said: "We used to have quite a problem with large groups of young people hanging around in the underpasses drinking, which felt quite intimidating, but the pink lights have really made a difference.”

These adults need to stop treating youth like pesky insects and more like human beings. Or maybe we’ll just invent some lights that highlight their crow’s feet and saggy butts.

(Image: BBC)