nettiscrub's Natural Beauty


Lavenderbodybalm Sometimes my hands gets so ragged (hangnail alert!) that they need more than a moisturizer--they need a balm. I am so comforted by that word, balm, because it makes me think of "calm" and "balmy," which are both relaxing, vacation-like terms.

Anyway, I've found a new favorite soother--nettiescrub lavender body balm. It comes in regular and mini sizes, which I appreciate (I have an unnatural love for mini-sized things), and it makes my hands smell like I've been running through lavender fields in the South of France (this is kind of a life long dream of mine).

Even without my odd affinities for mini beauty items and French lavender fields, you'll be into nettiescrub products. Nettie herself is a celebrity manicurist who started her line based on her clients' luxury needs. She whipped up a perfect body buff (which also comes in a mini format--grapefruit is my favorite scent) and then started creating balms, soaps and candles--all with natural ingredients. "I realized most ingredients found in common scrubs and moisturizers are totally unnecessary and toxic," she says.

Nettie's natural products are handmade and sold in sustainable and reusable packaging. Bonus: everything from nettiescrub costs $25 or less (the minis are especially great deals).