May 2009

Beaded Bracelet Bonanza!


Beaded_urban I’m not an accessorizer. My fingers, my wrists and my neck usually always leave the house naked -- how embarrassing for them! But, dear faithful readers, I’ve taken a new turn, and become quite fond of adorning my wrists with bracelets... lots of them in the beaded variety. Now, onward ho to some of my favorites that won’t break the piggy bank. Wilbur will thank you later. Oink.

1. Urban Outfitters' Beaded Bracelets ($20, pictured). These babies are on sale and you'll get two for 20 bucks. Keep one for yourself and give one to an amiga/o for an updated version on the friendship bracelet, or keep them both for yourself. There’s no shame in being selfish when it comes to style.

2. Mod Cloth’s Let’s Bead Friends ($12). Measuring in at 1.75 inches wide, this cuff-like bracelet makes a solid statement on its own. Sometimes an accessory deserves to hog the spotlight. This bracelet is so ready for its close-up, it's not even funny.

3. Delia’s Amberly Beaded Bracelet ($5.50). These delicate single stranded bracelets pack a colorful punch in coral and yellow, and since they only cost a fiver and some change, buy a three or four and stack them on. The more the merrier!

Do Something: Vote for the $100,000 Grant Winner


Ds.logo.internal.300 Do Something has been one of my favorite organizations since they produced a shirt that Andrew Shue wore on Melrose Place back in the 90s. Yes, I'm easy.

The rule of Do Something is: "No Money, No Car, and No Adults." The organization gives teens easy ways to take action and get involved in dozens of causes and issues. Plus, they offer two $500 seed grants every week to people wanting to get their project or cause off the ground.

Next week, they will announce the Grand Prize winner of the 2009 Do Something Awards, who gets a $100,000 grant (the four other finalists will get $10,000 each--not too shabby). Go watch a video about these finalists and vote for your favorite.

They all deserve a spotlight, so check out their action:

Marvelyn Brown, 25, Nashville. At 19, Marvelyn tested positive for HIV after being talked into not using a condom. Shunned by her neighbors and told to lie about it by her mother, Marvelyn chose to tell her story on The Marvelous Connections Tour, urging people to protect themselves and get tested.

David Burstein, 20, Weston, CT. In 2004, David, then 16, wished more young people voted in the presidential election. Instead of just moping, he launched 18 in '08. First he made a film. Then he took it across the country and held screenings with politicians and activists. He registered 25,000 new voters.

Maggie Doyne, 22, Mendham, NJ. The summer after high school, Maggie went backpacking in Asia. Moved by the many orphans she met in Nepal, she used her life savings to buy an acre of land build the Kopila Valley Children's Home. She currently cares for 24 kids and has helped find families for over 700 orphans. Her next plan: build them a school./p>

Eric Glustrom, 24, Boulder, CO. When Eric was 17, a trip to Uganda made him want to help people there, so he founded Educate! to work with socially responsible leaders in Africa and provide them with scholarships, funding, leadership seminars and mentorships. Educate! has trained 165 scholars and impacted over 82,000 people through their locally-grown community initiatives.

Darius Weems, 19, Atlanta, GA. Darius suffers from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), a genetic disorder that claimed the life of his older brother. Darius and friends drove from small-town Georgia to California, hoping to convince West Coast Customs to Pimp his Wheelchair. They documented their trip and made a film called Darius Goes West. Through DVD sales and an educational tour across the country, he has raised almost $2 million for research towards a cure.

Inspired yet? Yeah, we are too. Find out how you can Do Something too. And don't forget to vote for the grand prize winner for '09.

Revlon's $4 Scented Nail Polish


Revlonnails There’s something magical about drugstore nail polish. Maybe it’s the fact that I can buy three shades for $12 and feel like a color queen. I’m constantly picking out new nail personalities for myself, which is why I’m excited to know about Revlon’s Fruitful Temptations.

Upon drying, they’re scented. That’s right--they’re like the scratch-and-sniff stickers of beauty. Other nail polishes may look pretty, but these also smell nice! It’s kind of amazing. I’m wearing Passionate Fruit (a rich purple color) right now, and I can hardly type because I keep stopping to sniff my fingers. Mmmm...

Fruitful Temptations come in eight fantastic shades (I’m psyched to try Coconut Crush and then Not So Blue-Berry next), and the bottles are just $4 each. Find them at a drugstore near you, and pick out your favorite scent (or three).

Hear(t) It: Phoenix's "Lisztomania"


Wolfgang_amadeus_phoenix1 I’ve long had a love affair with French pop music. From Serge Gainsbourg and Nino Ferrer, to Air and Dimitri From Paris to Tahiti 80 and Daft Punk, there’s something about that French air that produces high quality tunes. (I’d like to think it’s attributed to their buttery pastries, but after eating eight croissants and attempting to write a song that sounded pretty much like "Row Row Row Your Boat," I can safely nix that theory.)

Another band on my list of favorite French acts is Phoenix whose fifth album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, drops today. The foursome from Versailles writes delicate pop tunes, with a veneer of synth-rock slickness, and the beats to entice some dancing feet. Some snootier music critics might label Phoenix's brand of pop perfection as a guilty pleasure, but I simply like to call it "Hey-This-Sounds-Damn-Awesome!" 

So, after several listens and taking the the album's single "Lisztomania" for a test run doing various things like reading, walking, cleaning, one-handed handstands, driving and husking corn, I can officially announce it has been added to my Ultimate Jammy Jam playlist for summer 2009. So take a listen and enjoy this "guilty pleasure" guilt-free!

3 Colorful Finds Under $15


Sunglasses I admit: I am an all-black sort of girl. Black goes with everything, and if you own enough black clothing, you can get dressed blindfolded because everything inevitably matches. Woohoo!

However, I'm turning a new leaf for the summer and trying to brighten my wardrobe, so I won't be mistaken for a member of the Cullen clan. But instead of committing to one color, I'm into the color blocking trend that's been popping up everywhere, because sometimes you just can't commit to just one shade of the ROYGBIV family. Here are a few of my favorite, affordable finds!

1. Fred Flare's Risky Business Sunglasses, ($11, pictured). OK, so Tom Cruise may not be so cool anymore, but the sunglasses he rocked while dancing around in his tighty whites still are. Neon colors + color block = unstoppable combo.

2. Happy Socks' Four Color Socks, ($10). These socks make me feel...hmm, what's that emotion? Not sad, not mad, but happy! Just because socks are usually stuck in your sneakers getting smelly and sweaty doesn't mean they can't be fun.

3. Forever 21's Fab Colorblock Dress, ($13.50). This is a simple tank dress with a cute bubble hem, but with three colors, it makes a statement. The flirty frock comes in six different color combinations, but my favorite is the black, white and pink because it reminds me of Neapolitan ice cream. And anything that reminds me of food is a good thing.

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