5 Fantastic Fall Florals



I held onto my tank tops and sandals for as long as I could, but I have to face the hard truth: summer is definitely over. I'm very emoticon sadface about it, so I'm making the transition easier for myself by wearing pretty floral patterns that remind me of sunshiney days! Take a look at these weather appropriate fall florals.

1. Bloom Necklace, ShanaLogic ($35). Artist Lauren King makes these one-of-a-kind pendants out of vintage flowers and beads. Bright. Cheery. Happy. They're the jewelry equivalent of The Muppets.

2. Mixed Rose Footless Tights, Top Shop ($16). These romantic black tights with roses will look great with a simple black dress or a demin skirt. Top Shop has graciously de-thorned the stems. Those Brits -- so polite! 

3. Floral Circle Dress, Urban Outfitters ($48). This is the most perfect fall dress I ever did see. Wear it with some boots and a leather jacket for that girly tomboy dichotomy.

4. Romantic Blossom Scarf, Forever 21 ($9). Do you know why I love scarves? Because they're accessories that are stylish and functional! And this soft gauze scarf is the prettiest in a violet and purple color palette.

5. Crochet Babydoll Top, Wet Seal ($18.50). Wear this bright floral patterned babydoll tunic over a pair of skinny jeans for the ideal fall outfit. Bonus: from far away, you'll look like a Monet painting.