Ash: The A-Z Series



The year was 1996, and a trio of high school punks from Downpatrick, Ireland calling themselves Ash released an album called 1977 (in honor of the year Star Wars opened in theaters). I was instantly smitten with the band's dirty, no-holds-barred, pop punk tunes. Teenage rebellion? Check. Cute lead singer? Check. Songs that made me feel cool? Check.

Thirteen years later, the band is still kickin' out the jams -- a lot of them. Ash has created a project called the A-Z Series: a collection of 26 limited edition 7" and digital download singles. Each single will be released every two weeks over the upcoming year. Perfect for us impatient types.

The first single is "True Love 1980," a melodic, new wave ballad that makes me miss John Hughes films. The video takes place in the middle of a high school love triangle that satiates my nostalgic penchant for young romance. But there is a twist. You're just going to have to watch it yourself, because I'm not going to spoil it. Duh.

"True Love 1980," will be available for download on October 12th!