September 2009

Origami? GIRLigami!



In Japanese culture, folding a thousand paper cranes -- called senbazuru -- makes a person's dream come true. For this reason, senbazuru are given to people on special occasions, like birthdays and weddings. I have made a thousand cranes twice in my lifetime. Not sure if anyone's wish came true, but one thing is certain: it will be a long time before I fold another thousand.

Still, my love for origami lives on (just not in aviary form). And lucky for me, I found a new, fun book by Cindy Ng called Girligami: A Fresh, Fun, Fashionable Spin On Origami ($12). Gone are the traditional turtles and irises! See ya, Mr. Crane! Girligami shows you how to make 25 all-new origami pieces, and some of my favorites are the cupcakes, a laptop and best of all, a pair of foxy pumps. (Did I mention the really cute panda?)

Along with clear and easy directions for you to follow, Girligami also provides beautifully printed paper for your projects. You can do whatever you want with your creations (and the book gives you lots of ideas!), but I plan to use mine as spectacular gift toppers. Martha Stewart, eat my dust.

Textually Harassed? That's Not Cool!



True story: I was once textually harassed by a guy for two weeks. The sound of a SMS alert started to sound more like a death toll than a happy reminder. The line between attentive and stalkerish is a fine one, people!

Most people have a similar dating experience to share. Long gone are the innocent days of passing notes between classes in the hallway. Social-networking sites and cell phones make it easy to connect with others, but also easy to harass. Whether it's your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend or your current main squeeze, technology has added yet another speed bump on the road to modern romance.

This is where That's Not Cool comes in -- it's a new website and campaign to  prevent teen dating digital abuse. Did you know one in three teens say they have been textually harassed by a romantic partner? And half of teenage girls say pressure from a guy is the reason they send sexy messages or images. (As if normal pressure isn't enough, now there's virtual pressure! Argh.)

At That's Not Cool, you can share your own not-so-great dating stories and experiences with others, watch hilarious videos, and find help if you need it. Will someone not stop calling you? Send a witty, to-the-point "callout card" to the perpetrator. My personal favorite: "Thanks to your constant calls, the sound of your voice officially makes me want to puke."

Ah, poetic justice. 

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Discover The Amanda Project



Have you ever wanted to jump into a novel and create characters, or even influence the way the story goes? Yeah, we have too. That's why we're loving The Amanda Project, a new website where you can help solve the mystery of a missing high school student named Amanda.

Through its website, readers and writers are piecing together the puzzle by answering questions and discovering clues that affect the direction of future Amanda Project books.

The first book -- Invisible I by Melissa Kantor -- came out last week. There are seven more books due in the series before the mystery is solved -- plenty of time for you to take part in the action.

This week, I Heart Daily and The Amanda Project are hosting The Amanda Clue Hunt. Each day, we'll be hiding a mini-Amanda puzzle in the I Heart Daily newsletter. Solve the puzzle and add the solution to the end of this URL: A clue awaits you at this secret address. The first person to solve each daily puzzle and email us at will win a free copy of Invisible I!

If you haven't subscribed to the newsletter yet, you can do that here. The clues for this contest are only available through the newsletter, so sign up now. Good luck!

Alison Lewis' Essential Accessories For Fall


Lewis I Heart Daily loves young, up and coming designers, and 26-year-old Alison Lewis of the modernly vintage line, Lewis, is one of our favorites. Her vibrant Spring/Summer 2010 collection was just revealed at New York Fashion Week amidst a whimsical set of carnival-themed props. “The clothes were inspired by the idea of teenage rebellion meets summer of love,” says Alison. “I wanted to design that dress you would wear all summer to run around with your friends.”

But fashion is weird, because it’s barely fall and we’re just putting away our summer clothes! So to keep things in fashionably seasonal order, Alison gave us her three essential accessories for a fall wardrobe.

1. Ines Sunglasses ($11).
"I found these glasses in yellow and somehow I've made them match everything. People always ask me if they're vintage. The shape is totally classic and looks good on almost everyone. The best part is since they're only $11 you don't have to feel bad abusing them (I'm guilty of never putting glasses in cases) and if you lose them you can buy another pair!"

2. Pauper Scarf, The Dance ($150)
"I have been collecting vintage scarfs for a long time. I often find them at flea markets, on eBay, or on Esty. I love how this Pauper Voile scarf looks like a watercolor and the soft colors make it so lovely and easy to wear. It's an instant way to dress up jeans and t-shirt. I often tie them in my hair or just around my neck like a necklace."

3. Keds Champion Navy Canvas ($35)
"I have always been a Keds girl. I prefer the original sneaker in navy (or denim). I usually take the laces out and wear them as my go-to shoes. I actually dressed all the models with Keds in my spring/summer 2010 show! They are so cute with dresses in the summer. They are also shoes that are sort of meant to get dirty, which I love -- the more broken in the better."

Photo Credit: Brantley Gutierrez

Style Blogger: Kylie of Nice and Shiny


Kylie We have yet another fantabulous fashion blogger for you today: Kylie of Nice and Shiny, whose DIY style can best be described as awesome. The 20-year-old from Winnipeg, Manitoba (that’s in Canada!) doesn’t play it safe when it comes to putting together outfits. It’s all about bright colors, bold statements and a vivid imagination. We like.

I Heart Daily: Why/when/how did you start blogging?
Kylie: Nice and Shiny began in the spring of 2008. I knew that I didn’t want to have a blog that was the same as all the other ones. I wanted it to be fun with all the types of posts that I personally look for in a fashion blog, like DIYs and outfit posts. The name “Nice and Shiny” just came to me one day, and I pretty much started posting immediately after that…and here I am today!
IHD: Who are your favorite designers?
Kylie: I used to be OBSESSED with Marc Jacobs, but now I’m more drawn to designers whose clothes show a lot of passion and a tangible message or emotion behind their construction…and consequently, are usually less wearable. If I had to do some name dropping, I suppose I would list off people like Yohji Yamamoto, Rei Kawakubo, Alexander McQueen, and Gareth Pugh as some of my favorites. I also will forever love Karl Lagerfeld and wish he was my Grandpa.

What's on your wish list right now?
Kylie: Surprisingly, I’m quite content with my wardrobe at the moment. I do have a few platform boots I’ve seen around that I’ve got my eye on, like the leopard print Topshop ones and these incredible ones by Camilla Skovgaard that are quite basic.

IHD: Who are your style idols?
Kylie: My style idol is definitely [British comedian] Noel Fielding. We pretty much have the same taste, and I just love everything he wears. He chucks on anything he likes, and doesn’t really care what people think. I also admire the way my Grandma dresses and puts things together. She just wears what she loves: tons of gaudy jewelry, metallic, bold prints, and of course some amazing hats. I also love M.I.A, and pretty much every Japanese street style site. I could browse for HOURS and be perfectly entertained.

IHD: Best reader comment you've ever gotten?
Kylie: It’s hard to pick out one in particular, but it just warms my heart when I can inspire someone to make something of their own. I feel very strongly about the DIY movement that is taking place right now, and we can all do the earth a huge favor by recycling what we have to make new things. It’s not necessary to go down to the mall every other day and buy cheap clothes that are basically disposable. Make something new instead!

IHD: Any word on which of your pieces you're selling online?
Kylie: I should have a few pieces up in about a week, and I hope to keep selling things consistently during the school year. Some of my pieces on sale will include spiked leggings, oversized hair bows, and shoulder epaulettes! Check back on Nice and Shiny soon to find out more details on my store!

IHD: Is there anything you'd like to say to your readers?

: I’d like to shout out to all the people that comment on my blog every day. Frequent commenters are the best. You know who you are, and I love y’all for reading!!

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