The Matte Effect: Get Knockout Nails


KO polish A few weeks ago, we interviewed NYLON Beauty Director Holly Siegel about her favorite beauty picks, and she dropped such a treasure trove of info that we're only just now catching up.

One item she mentioned, I have to give an extra rave. I finally got my hands on matte nail polish from KO (which stands for "Knock Out"), started by Mike Potter, the makeup artist on Hedwig and the Angry Inch. I won't even go into how much I wanted red glitter lips after seeing that movie.

Anyway, this cruelty-free find is changing my life -- or at least my look.

Liberty (pictured) is what I'm wearing, and with the jade nail trend, I feel very of-the-moment. Named after the Statue Of, who wears the same shade of green, the gorgeous no-shine style requires just one coat. (I get so impatient with that two-coat thing.)

I'm already trying to figure out which color I want next. Concrete? Calamine? Classic Flatte Black? In every shade, KO is killing it.

Oh, and instead of the standard two-stage polish look (pristine and then chipped), these colors start flatte and wear into satin. Pretty x2!