December 2009

Top 5 RED Hearts of 2009


Redheartcollage To commemorate 2009 -- our launch year -- we're rounding up our Top 5 posts from each category. Today, five of the year's RED Hearts on I Heart Daily from the authors of RED: Teenage Girls in America Write On What Fires Up Their Lives Today, chosen by Amy Goldwasser, RED's editor.

1. The Little Red Heart Project (pictured). Pieces of 16-year-old Cammi Henao's heart are all over her hometown of Chicago now, thanks to this social art movement.

2. Get Smart's Agent 99. Jordyn Turney, 20, of Alpine, CA, explained a 60s TV character's extreme level of awesome.

3. For the Love of Flannel. An ode to Gossip-Girl-meets-Bob the Builder style, by Charlotte Steinway, 21, of Medford, MA.

4. The Perfect Smoky Eye. Jaclyn Humphrey, 20, of Syracuse, NY, found beauty's dark side.

5. An Ideal Environmental Internship. Want to spend the summer outside helping the planet? Amy Hunt, 19, of Huntingdon, PA wrote about an organization you should check out.

Red RED Hearts guest poster Amy Goldwasser
is the editor of RED: Teenage Girls in America Write On What Fires Up Their Lives Today, now available in paperback.

Top 5 Style Posts of 2009

Sneakers To commemorate 2009 -- our launch year -- we're rounding up our Top 5 favorite posts from each category. Today: a year full of Style.

1. The Most Comfortable Sneakers Ever (pictured). The price of the
Fei Yue Wushu Shoes has gone down from $15 to $11, and these are still the best all-around pair of shoes I own. And so cute!

2. Blog Love. Our interviews with Kori (The Fashion-y Blog), Casey (Teen Fashionista), Noel (Miss Couturable), Gabrielle (Quirky and Co.) and Kylie (Nice and Shiny) offer some of the best style tips and fashion inspiration! These girls have knowledge, opinions and enthusiasm for days.

3. French Macaroons on Etsy. I ordered these, I scarfed them down, and I can't wait to go back for more. The prettiest and most colorful cookies out there cost less than $2 each.

4. Yellow Bird Project. Indie rockers design t-shirts and
100% of the profits benefit a charity of their choice. The designs are cool and the causes are worthy. Win-win.

5. Geeky Jewelry. From twitter pendants to keyboard earrings, these accessories are a nerd's dream. (Plus, Promspleen's Amy Beth Wegenaar's comic character rings still make us geek out a little bit.)

Top 5 Beauty Posts Of 2009

Nailart To commemorate 2009 -- our launch year -- we're rounding up our Top 5 favorite posts from each category. Today: beauty-ful memories.

1. Nail Art (pictured). 3-D nail decorations are so over the top that they're perfectly fabulous. Eat your heart out, Lady Gaga.

2. The Everyone Lipstick. Clinique's Black Honey Almost Lipstick will look good on you. We promise.

3. Japanese Beauty Secrets. I'm a huge fan of Anne's mom, Mrs. Ichikawa, so when she talks, I listen. Camellia oil for lustrous hair and a $3 Japanese nylon washcloth for smooth skin? I'm in.

4. DIY Ecobeauty Recipes. From face masks to lip gloss to hair rinses, you can make your own beauty products at home with these awesome, earth-friendly recipes. (Another way to get affordable ecobeauty? The All Natural Face sells 10 vegan eyeshadow samples for $2!)

5. The Matte Effect. I'm still wearing this matte green nail color -- and I get a compliment every day. Seriously, KO knows how to create some slick nails. With a chic dull finish, of course.

PS-I'm cheating but I can't forget to mention a few of our expert interviews this year, including Q&A's with Nylon Beauty Director Holly Siegel, BellaSugar Editor Annie Tomlin and Teen Vogue Beauty Editor Eva Chen.

Top 5 Entertainment Posts Of 2009

Sassy I Heart Daily's official launch date is debatable, but it's been approximately one year of good times. Cheers!

To commemorate 2009 -- our launch year -- we're rounding up our Top 5 favorite posts from each category. Today's is entertainment. Let's take a walk down memory lane, shall we?

Flashback: Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love. Sassy was arguably the best teen magazine that ever lived. Its April ’92 issue featured Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love -- the poster couple for grunge romance. We interviewed Christina Kelly, the former Sassy editor who talked to Kurt and Courtney 17 years ago. She gave us the back story of that interview, and we gave it to you.

Re-reading The Classics. We featured blogs that are dedicated to re-reading past favorite book series -- The Baby-Sitters Club, Sweet Valley High -- from a more grown-up, and hilarious, perspective. Plus, a blog about Twilight written from the perspective of dude.

3. Awesome Books. Melissa, my favorite book reviewer, recommends three reads worthy of your time, including one that she loved from 2009, Wherever Nina Lies, about the search for a missing sister.

4. Interview With Sarah Dessen. Incredible author Sarah Dessen told us about the things she is hearting, including her lip gloss obsession.

5. Best Love Songs, Ben Kweller. One of our favorite musicians gave us the ultimate love song list (perfect for Valentine's Day 2010!).

Stayed tuned for tomorrow's Top 5 round-up in beauty, where we'll share our favorite products and tips!

Happy Holidays!


Holiday2009Fa-la-la-la-la. La-la. La. LAAAA! Melissa and I are taking the day off from posting to sip some eggnog and eat cookies. We'll be back on Monday with our end-of-year roundups!

We heart each and every one of you (although, you're totally our favorite -- just don't tell the others).

Happy Holidays!

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