May 2010

Summer Essential: The Little White Dress


Whitedress While I usually avoid white clothing like the plague (I seem to magnetically attract stains and spills), I do make an exception for the LWD -- the Little White Dress. It should be a staple of any summer wardrobe. Here are three super cute deals!

Circle Summer Dress, Wet Seal ($26.50, pictured). Perfectly sweet and easy to wear, this spaghetti strap dress features pretty circle detailing for some extra oomph. (Just don't eat spaghetti while wearing it.)  

Jordana Dress, Delia*s ($35.50, on sale). Go for this pleasantly peasant smock, with short sleeves and lace trim. Very Woodstock.

Like A Virgin Dress, Nasty Gal ($48). With the right accessories, you can look like Madonna circa 1984, but play it down with some simple sandals to get a totally different look. This number is sexy and sweet.

Daijua Corin, 14, of Cookies for Kidneys

Daijuacorin Daijua Corin from Charlotte, NC, is an amazing 14-year-old who launched her own online baking store, Vela Delight, in February 2008. In addition to mixing up dozens of tasty treats, she's also using her baking prowess to raise awareness and money for a good cause.

In March 2009, Daijua's younger brother Jalene was diagnosed with the rare kidney disease Nephrotic Syndrome, which later progressed to Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis. In honor of her brother, she created Cookies for Kidneys.

Her goal is to raise $30,000 between May 15th and September 15th, with a portion of the profits going to the NephCure Foundation and the National Kidney Foundation. You can choose from Chocolate Chip, Citrus Sunshine, Coconut Crunch, Frosted Oatmeal, Lemon Creme, and Orange Creme (a dozen for $20, two dozen for $35). Yum!

We think everyone should help Daijua reach her goal! Cookies for a cause? It's really a win-win situation. So go to Vela Delight and put in your order!

PS-Check out her feature on

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5 Unique Rings for Summer

Athenaring Sometimes you want your hands to have a personality of their own. A good nail color helps, and so does the right ring. Here are five finger accessories that are worthy of your awesome summer plans:

Athena Ring, We Dream in Color, ($22, pictured). Total goddess jewelry, at a mortal price.

Ice Cream Scoop Ring, evenemi ($5). Choose Neapolitan, Bubble Gum or Blackberry and flaunt your sweet hand dessert.

Arrow Wrap Ring, Fred Flare ($8). This ring says: "I'm girly but also good with weapons." It's very Maid Marian.

Flower CZ Cocktail Ring, Overstock ($30). There are nights when you just want to bring the sparkle. Do it! This ring shines like the top of the Chrysler building.

Nerd Owl Ring, Wet Seal ($6). People, this owl is wearing glasses. They are wise, professorial birds. (Love the stretch beaded band, too.)

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Revolutionize Your Shower Experience

Hairbrush This is the only, and probably last, beauty "advice" I ever got from my dad (I get a lot from my mom). Growing up, there was always a little round hard plastic brush in the shower. My dad used it to massage his scalp when he shampooed, because he had dandruff and it helped with his dry, itchy skin (sorry for outing you, Dad!)

However, I started using this little wonder product for my long hair. First, it feels amazing to really massage your head with the hard nubs (it gets your scalp really clean!). Plus, after you shampoo and condition, you can get all the tangles out of your hair in the shower, resulting in a super straight, knot-free mane.

After reading some of the glowing reviews of this product, I found that the massage action stimulates blood flow, causing your hair to grow faster. And, this is my favorite aspect of the brush: it has a finger loop, so it's perfect for when you don't want to mess up your freshly manicured nails! This colorful six-pack will only set you back $3.99. 

Your shower routine will never be the same. 

Ooh! Fun Things To Do This Summer

Ooh Summer is cool, but it can also get kinda boring if you don't have a lot planned. Done with the couch sitting? That's where comes in. The site finds quirky and unique activities going on all around the world!

With just a quick search I found food foraging tours (think finding salad ingredients in the woods),  beekeeping classes (they throw in lunch and a "hive tool" -- which sounds mysterious and awesome), and a shoe college (learn how to make high heels).

The site's creators believe that "it's the individuals -- wacky, clever and creative -- who make unique experiences so great." They strive to find people who are "independent and passionate about their thing." We are all about that.

Check out the map and find out what's happening near you. Who knows? You may just be the next great beekeeper of Illinois!

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