A Halloween Music Mix!


Halloweenstereo Melissa and I have been pretty excited about Halloween (if you haven't noticed).

While I've been carving pumpkins and eating various fun-sized candies, I've been listening to a mix of spooky-themed songs I conjured up. And because I'm in a magnanimous Halloweenie mood, I'm sharing it with you through the awesome music sharing site 8tracks. At 8tracks you can upload your own music, make mixes and share them with friends or the site's community. (Things have come a long way since my Memorex tapes.)

Here's the track listing:

"Baby Vampire Made Me," Helium
"Same Ghost Every Night," Wolf Parade
"Deathly," Aimee Mann
"Ghost," Neutral Milk Hotel
"Witchcraft," Wolfmother
"Pet Sematary," The Ramones
"Little Ghost," White Stripes
"Thriller," Michael Jackson

(It's not Halloween without a little "Thriller" action.)