3 Glitter Knockouts


01opisephora Holiday season is in full effect! That means turkey, stuffing, trimming and... glitter!

I think everyone has a penchant for glitter -- it's an instant mood lifter, and who doesn't like a little sparkle? <insert jazz hands>

Here are three beauty products certain to introduce a little pizazz into your life.

Holiday Gem Collection, Sephora ($9 each). This limited-edition holiday line has seven shades full of sparkle and shimmer. Only Gold For Me (pictured) has chunky and micro gold glitter, which looks great by itself or as a top coat.

Glitter Liquid Eyeliner, Bobbi Brown ($20). So, this liner is a little pricey, but it's worth the bucks, because it's incredibly easy to apply and makes your eyes pop and shine.

Glitz Stick - Sparking Crayon, Hard Candy ($5). When you were a kid, didn't you used to want to color all over yourself with makers? Now you can with Hard Candy's body glitter crayons for your eyes, cheeks, lips and body.