A Thankful Thanksgiving!


Anne and melissa ihd(2) Get out the cranberry sauce and gravy! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! But, let's forget about the pumpkin pie and stuffing for just a moment. As the holiday's name indicates, tomorrow is a day to give thanks (and not just for food).

It's very important to take a moment and give thanks for all the little and big things in our life. So, Melissa and I are dedicating today to this idea! Here we go:

Melissa: I'm thankful for stylish recyclers, makeup that makes bad look good, and cool girls who help the world!

Anne: I'm thankful for sweet treats, cute notebooks, rock 'n' roll, baby animals, do-gooders, a good cup of coffee, mom, dad, brother, friends, and of course, all the I Heart Daily readers!

What are you thankful for? Why don't you tell us?

Gobble, gobble! See you on Monday!