Temporary Tattoos That Look Real


Temptu Tattoos are more popular than ever -- and they're even more removable these days. But really? You need to be SURE you want that Celtic knot/butterfly/heart/cascade of stars before you go under the needle.

Or, you can just turn to Temptu, a company that offers temporary tattoos with 2-5-day wearability. The best part? They look totally real -- not like the Cracker Jack box variety. With a unique, cosmetic-grade ink formula in true-tattoo color, the tattoo applies cleanly and evenly. Change up your ink every few days. It's like a new accessory!

The Girly Chic Kit ($25) includes the above-mentioned stars and butterflies, while the Zen Chic Kit ($25) is more flowers and fans and the Tribal Chic Kit ($25, pictured) has abstract style. There's even a limited-edition Dereon Kit by Tina Knowles ($16), and you can see Beyonce all inked up here.

If you're feeling the seasonal spirit, try the Holiday Glitz and Glam Kit ($30), which includes nine tattoo design sheets (3 sets of 3 distinct designs) and 20 tattoo application pads, plus gold and silver setting powders. Set a snowflake on your shoulder or wrap your ankle in festive bows!

And if you simply want a cool one-sheet of those temporary tattoos we all know and love, try Temptu's themed display cards (just $3 each), which include everything from dragons to endangered animals to cute little aliens.

Try Temptu Tattoos for fun, to practice for the real thing or to freak out your relatives around the holiday dinner table!