February 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects: Real Nail Polish Strips


Sally-Hansen-Salon-Effects- Ready to ride the crazy nail train? Sally Hansen has made it easy to get boldly patterned nails with Salon Effects ($10), their new line of self-adhesive "nail stickers."

Here's how it works: the strips come in eight different sizes so you can choose the best fit for each of your nails. Peel off the backing and apply the sticker carefully to your nail bed; get rid of bubbles with a cuticle stick (the kit comes with one), and then file off the remaining portion for a smooth finish. For a video on how they work, take a look-see here.

There's zero dry time! They last up to 10 days -- with no chipping!! Great selling points, but the main draw is the variety of patterns! Though Salon Effects come in solid colors, why go plain when you can get glitter, zebra print, black lace, flowers or butterflies?

Boldly go where no nail has gone before.

Get in Touch With Your Future


Future me Do people bury time capsules anymore? I remember putting one in the ground with my sixth grade class, but we never dug it up, which kind of defeats the purpose. I think I wrote a letter that started "Dear Melissa, Age 25," and boy do I wish I knew what I'd said to myself. Probably something about my crush on Ronnie S., but I digress...

Anyway, I found a site where you can write notes to your future self, FutureMe. You can rant about your recent breakup or muse about whether your self-in-five-years is making big dreams come true. Remind yourself of something important from your past or just ask yourself what's up. What I'm doing: Making a 3-year wish list. Let's see how many wishes I can cross off by 2014!

Whatever you write will be emailed to you at a future date of your choosing. Schedule it for a month from now, a year from now, even 10 years down the road when EVERYTHING will be different. Here's some more official lowdown on how it works.

You can post your letter publicly and anonymously if you choose -- scroll through this page to see how others are using FutureMe. There's even a book of the best letters from the site, Dear Future Me by Matt Sly and Jay Patrikios.

Oh, and one last tip: Use an email address that you're gonna keep around for a while, maybe not the mrs.taylor.lautner thing you've got going, though a girl can dream.


RED Hearts: Cute Feather Accessories


Feather earrings RED Hearts are guests posts on I Heart Daily from the authors of RED: Teenage girls in America write on what fires up their lives today.

Today's RED Hearts post is from Cammi Henao, 17, of Chicago, Illinois, who writes about her penchant for Ke$ha and feathers:

Living in Chicago, being exposed to different styles and new fashions is a given. Lately, feathers have been very much “in," and necklaces, bracelets, headbands, keychains, even hair extensions, have really taken off. Personally, I dig the trend.

I’m also a devoted fan of Ke$ha, who happens to be a fellow friend of the feather. So which accessories have made my favorites list? If all goes well, I plan on layering and wearing all of the following to the Ke$ha concert here next week.

Seriously, I just bought this headband (Forever 21, $6) on Saturday, and it's super cute. The peacock feathers are layered with some other teal/turquoise ones, and it creates a really cool effect when the feathers peek out from the bottom and sides of your hair.

I bought Navajo Feather Earrings (Urban Outfitters, $24) and Tribal Feather Earrings (Urban Outfitters, $20, pictured) and I mix and match them all the time, which really grabs people’s attention! Urban Outfitters has a ton of different designs, and they're made really well, too. Pair a long feather with a short stud, or wear two different-colored feathers. Go wild!

This is my fave necklace (Forever 21, $6) for the way its feathers, as well as the charms, vary in color. It hangs really nicely and adds a kind of tribal touch to any outfit.

Now, what I consider the most exciting feather accessory and you may too: feather hair extensions (Do Hair Extensions, $10)! I haven't heard many people even talking about these, but my friend and I are incredibly excited to place our order. And here's a video showing you how to put them in your hair, and take them out.

Now, to see what flies with Ke$ha…

RedRED Hearts guest poster Cammi Henao is an author of RED: Teenage girls in America write on what fires up their lives today, which is out in paperback.

5 Natural Drugstore Beauty Buys


Physiciansforumla_happybooster Today's post is from the super informative and fun-to-read beauty blog, Beauty Bets. Elizabeth Dehn, the founder of the site, has bestowed us with her five favorite natural drugstore items. After you read through her post, head over to Beauty Bets for more beauty bits!

Who says good-for-you products have to be crazy expensive? These five drugstore discoveries are not only super-natural but work just as well as fancy department store brands. Oh, and they all cost less than $12 a pop.

Physicians Formula Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Blush ($12, pictured). While it’s hard to prove the mood-enhancing benefits of this blush, everything will be coming up roses once you dust the violet-scented, pretty pink powder on your cheeks.

Burt’s Bees Natural Acne Solutions Targeted Spot Treatment ($10). Blemishes are an annoying fact of life, but treating them doesn’t have to be. This all-natural solution miraculously clears up skin without leaving it red or irritated.
EcoTools Makeup Brushes ($8). It’s so worth it to invest in a few good makeup brushes. I’ve tried some of the priciest brands on the market, and these cheapies are just as good -- not to mention free of questionable animal hair.
Eos Lip Balm Sphere ($4). You’ll want to pucker up for this little egg-shaped guy. Super smooth and yummy smelling, he glides on like a dream, and is petrolatum and paraben-free -- two ingredients your kisser is better off without.

Yes to Cucumbers Natural Glow Facial Towelettes ($6). These facial wipes smell so good, feel so refreshing, leave my skin so squeaky clean yet pillowy soft, I sometimes forget that they’re 98.7% natural and completely bio-degradeable.

Indie Crafter du Jour: Briana Rose of Five and Two


Pyramidring Five and Two is Briana Rose's beauteous accessories collection. It's colorful, inspired by nature, and possesses a magical sensibility. Her use of rough gems creates a geometric theme in her pieces, which I love, because it's not too girly or prim (perfect for former tomboys like moi). Here are five standout pieces from her line:

Iris Pink Pyramid Ring ($24, pictured). The palest pink softens the appearance of this pointy, bold ring.

Faith Quartz Crystal Studs ($20). Diamond earrings not quite in your budget? Well, I think these are better anyway!

Lani Pyramid Studded Bracelet (2 for $20). These colorful pieces of suede are decked with pyramid studs. Pick out the colors you want and feel a little more badass with each strand you tie on.

Lucy Friendship Bracelet (set of 4 for $18). Pyrite is called "fool's gold" and it's the little "gem" that adorns these string friendship bracelets. You'll get four Lucy bracelets in the hues you choose.

Joy Rainbow Crystal Necklace ($75). This rainbow crystal hangs as a pendant on an 18" brass chain. I've always wanted magical powers, and by wearing this necklace, I think my witchy instincts might finally come to fruition.

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