March 2011

How to Deal With a Breakup


Breakup kit Breaking up is the Worst. It feels like you can't breathe, like you lost a best friend, like you'll never get out from under the weight of the sadness you feel. Emo songs, sappy rom-coms and friend sympathy sessions can help. So can these ideas:

The I Will Survive Kit at modcloth ($13, pictured) comes with affirmation cards, healing bandages and a remedy booklet, plus a lifelike heart charm. Yes, it's a little kitschy, but it's a perfect breakup gift for a BFF who's in pain, and it'll make you laugh (which is excellent medicine).

Avoiding what psychologists call "co-rumination" is kind of key. Of course you want to gather your friends for a pity party, and that's a good first step, but don't have more than one or two group rehashing sessions or you could wind up feeling worse. Reliving every relationship slight over Facebook and bashing your ex online can actually lead to more negative feelings, so make sure you keep the conversation focused on how you can move on. 

Visit for solid advice letters, quirky comics and breakup e-cards that will make you smile even if you're completely crushed. 

And remember: We've all been there. That's why there are so many sad love songs that hurt so good. Focus on all the things that are right with your world, and you'll be happy again soon -- we promise.

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Hear(t) It: Cults


Game_Show_Cults Favorite new band alert. The name is Cults, a duo comprised of San Diegan sweethearts Madeline Follin and Brian Oblivion, who now make their home in New York City. About a year ago, they posted some of their songs on the interwebs just for their friends to hear, and they became instant music blog darlings.

Cults draws inspiration from the pop sounds of the 60s, like girl groups and Motown, resulting in instantly likable tunes that make you feel nostalgic for the things you've never known. But it isn't all sunshine and lollipops. "I think what makes something beautiful is when it’s pretty but there’s something wrong with it too,” says Brian of what inspires him. “That’s the pinnacle of beauty to me, when someone who is so obviously disagreeable in every way can say something perfect.”

Look out for Cults' debut album in May. That's good news, but we still have to wait a couple months to hear it. To tide you over, listen to the songs off their 7" here, and then watch the new music video they made for "Go Outside," starring Emma Roberts.

5 Cute Colored Jeans


Picture 2 Spring is in the air! Howeverrrrr, it's not quite warm enough to go bare-legged. But to bring in the sunshine, I'm investing in some fun pants. Blue denim and black jeans no more! Celebrate the advent of spring with some crazy colored pants!

BDG Cigarette High-Rise Jeans in Berry, Urban Outfitters ($58). Super bright pink pants = an extra skip in your step. Hippity hop!

Cropped Khakis in Green, Old Navy ($29.50). These relaxed pale green cotton pants are perfect for a walk in the park or a stroll down the boardwalk.

Low Rise Skinny Jean in White, Delia*s ($49.50). I love an all-white outfit. Does Diddy still have his white party? If so, pssst -- Puffy, call me.

Yellow Studded Skinny Jean, JCPenney ($18, sale). It's the perfect shade -- not too banana-y and not too Easter Bunny. They'll call you mellow yellow.

Turquoise Skinny Jean, Hot Topic ($29). Go bold with these intensely turquiose pants. Some people might say they're "loud," I prefer to call them "charming."

Get Crazy-Shiny Nails for $3


Revlon Crazy Shine_article I know that white tear-shaped item doesn't look all that special. Does it deserve a name like Crazy Shine? The answer is YES. This unassuming new buffer from Revlon can turn your nails from dull to deliriously reflective in about 60 seconds (that's a personal timeline for all ten fingers -- and I am notoriously slow and lazy with self-manicures). 

On unpolished nails, rub one side of the buffer to smooth the nail surface, and then use the other side to get a radiant shine (Revlon says your nails will be 400% shinier than before, and I'm inclined to believe it). If you're polished up for spring, using just the shining side will bring a glossy refresh to your color. 

It's not often that you find a $3 beauty product that can change the look of your nails -- but this one does. Revlon vows that the results will last for three days (though my trial lasted for five). Did I mention it takes about one minute to use? Pick it up at any drugstore or online


Fingerfood Jewellery Giveaway!


Sandwich ring Things I love: Food, jewelry, miniature items. Oh, look! This site was made just for me: Fingerfood Jewellery. From the Sandwich Ring ($20, pictured) to the Cabbage Necklace ($30), I am smitten.

Each piece is hand-molded, so they all have their own individual quirks (they're couture, if you will). And designer Bronwyn has generously offered to give away one item to two lucky I Heart Daily readers. You can go highbrow with French Macaroon Earrings ($25) or act low-key with your Hamburger Necklace ($30), which totally has cheese on it, by the way (I approve) -- the winners get to take their pick of any designs available.

To enter to win, Like us on Facebook! 

You can add a personal note if you're feeling it, like, "I Heart Daily is the best thing since miniature food jewelry, and you should sign up for the newsletter!" (Or, you know, whatever.) We'll choose two winners at random from our Facebook friends! 

Oh, and Like Fingerfood Jewellery on Facebook too, to keep up with their new designs. Happy food-wearing!

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