April 2011

No More Waity, Katie Lippy and Lacquer


Nomorewaity So, I guess, like, this Prince dude and this chick he met in college are getting married -- have you heard about it?

I kid! The world is all over the royal union of Prince Billy (that's what I like to call him) and his long-time sweetheart Kate Middleton. After a lengthy courtship, they're finally tying the knot. In honor of Kate's infinite patience, beauty brand butter LONDON has created No More Waity, Katie Lippy ($18) and No More Waity, Katie nail lacquer ($14).

The lippy (that's what those Brits call gloss) is a soft, sheer lavender with tiny flecks of lilac glitter, and the lacquer matches -- it's a greige with the same lilac sparkle.

Perhaps I'm the odd one out, but I have more interest in these products than the actual wedding. But, hey -- mazel tov to the happy couple!

The Ultimate Prom Accessories


Glitter heels If you're headed to Prom this year, you probably have the dress covered by now. But have you thought about how to accent your look? Accessories are the most fun part! Here are a few ideas that won't tip the ol' budget scale:

 Wowie Zowie Heel, ModCloth ($118, shown). We know, these are pricey, but can you resist that sparkling glitter over a shimmering turquoise heel and clear candy-like bow detail? Cheaper sparkly shoes include: Gold Glitter Heels (Target, $30) and the DIY option!

 Fabric Flower Hair Clip, EverythingBlooms ($5). A delicate piece gives hair an instant "look." Want something less sweet? Try this Lavender Bow Clip with tiny gold studs ($13, Spotted Moth).

 Tanja Necklace, Made By Survivors ($40). Adjustable from 17-28", this beaded statement-maker consists of glossy silver and black ombre beads that are individually knotted in place. Shopping here helps survivors of slavery rebuild their lives with sustainable income. 

 Blushing Pink Fingerless Lace Gloves, RevolvingStore ($18). These are the perfect top-off to any look, from classic to edgy. If you're more traditional, try vintage plain white gloves in short ($5) or long ($2.50) styles -- they can be Gaga or Mad Men.

 Feather Hair Clips, Wet Seal ($7). These are demure looking, until you get close and see their wild feathers. If you're feeling more adventurous, go for the full Tango Feather Headband (Fred Flare, $10).

Cool Girl: Galia Slayen, 20, Model Student


GALIA-BARBIE Barbie has it all: She's always happy, dates hunky Ken, and manages to excel in about 349 different jobs (cheerleader, astronaut, president, etc.). But what if Barbie were a real person? Would we actually want to be her?

Well, in 2007, high school student Galia Slayen built a life-sized Barbie doll as part of National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. Depicting Barbie's actual body shape as if she were a real person, the model (pictured with Galia) stands around six feet tall, and her measurements are 39-18-33. Suffice it to say -- Barbie looks a bit freaky.

Galia, who battled an eating disorder, made this model in order to show her peers the effects and importance of body image issues, and as a way to broach and discuss these subjects. Now 20 and a sophomore at Hamilton College, Barbie has traveled with her to school and still making an impact on her peers.

Moral of the story: Barbie isn't perfect, and I definitely don't want to look like her... but I will take her Dream House.

Watch an interview with Galia on the Today Show.

Sex and the City: The Teen Years


CarriediariesCandace Bushnell, the legendary writer who inspired the character of Carrie Bradshaw via her newspaper column and book, Sex and the City, is chronicling Carrie's adventures as a teenager in The Carrie Diaries books. Summer and the City (HarperTeen), book two, is out today! We sat down with Candace and talked Carrie:

I Heart Daily: Was imagining Carrie Bradshaw as a teenager hard to do?
Candace Bushnell: I adore the character and she's certainly a part of me, so it was natural to know who she was.

IHD: Do you have any advice for young Carries out there -- girls who are writing their hearts out and hoping to have an adventure in the big city?
CB: I moved to New York when I was nineteen with two phone numbers in my pocket and very little money. It was hard and scary and some bad things happened, but I was incredibly confident and strong-willed. Most importantly, I wasn't imitating or following someone else's path, I was doing what was right for me. It's good to take chances, but your actions need to come from the inside, not from a desire to copy someone else.

IHD: If we could ask Carrie what her must-haves for Summer and the City are, what would she say?
CB: It would be back in the 80s, so she'd probably want Fiorucci T-shirts with angels on them and wooden Candies-style shoes.

IHD: And finally, what are you "hearting" right now?
CB: I'm hearting the book Jane Eyre.

Thanks, Candace! Check out Summer and the City for your beach bag (Samantha and Miranda are in the book too!).

5 Bright and Bold Watches


Casiowatch This season, bold brights have taken over and put basic black in the corner to sulk (at least until November). And while most of us rely on our phone to tell the time, I've been taking it back to 1996 and actually donning a watch, partly as an excuse to wear a shock of color on my wrist.

Casio Multi-Function Sport Watch, Amazon ($24). This one touts a dual analog-digital display for you indecisive time-tellers, and is water resistant (wear it to the beach!). Also, check it out in hot pink.

In Good Time Watch in Blue, ModCloth ($24). A square digital face tells the date, with the extra functionality of an alarm and stopwatch. Take that, iPhone.

The Dash, Nixon ($90). A sleek design with huge digital numbers makes this number from Nixon seem very Jetsons. Will you get it in orange? Electric blue? Yellow? Consult your Magic 8 Ball.

Orange Mini Stella Expansion Dial Watch, Fossil ($75). In need of something more lady-like? This one has a stainless steel band and a sparkly bezel.

Color Codes, Swatch ($50). Oh, Swatch. How I love thee. This collection comes in every color in the rainbow. Now, I just need matching Swatch guards.

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