3 Highly Amusing Websites


Mydagboyfriend Like our own Before You Were Hot, there are tons of entertaining websites out there. Here are three top picks for your weekend web enjoyment:

 My Daguerreotype Boyfriend. Tagline: "Where early photography meets extreme hotness." Check out the heartthrobs of past centuries in these old-time photos, and submit your own historic hotties. This guy (pictured)? An Irish political prisoner. Love those bad boys.

 ThxThxThx. Leah Dieterich writes a thank you note each day, some funny, some harsh, some downright poignant -- all entertaining. Her new book, thx thx thx ($15), is elegant, quirky and full of heart. 

 Magic Weather Van. The weather is pretty boring, but it's key to know when to bring an umbrella, so bookmark this site, where you'll get a more colorful view of meteorology with designations like "Feelin Froggy" (fog) and "Happy Rays" (super sunny).

Check out even more sites we could waste -- er, spend -- hours browsing.