Cute DIY Nail Designs


Polka nails Anne is usually the nail-obsessed one, but this summer I'm getting creative too (especially after I saw this genius site: Burgers and Nails, which makes me want to eat with pretty fingers). I've been scoping out the best and most doable nail designs, and here are my top three finds:

 Polka Dots (DIY, pictured). This fun video shows how to make your nails polka-dotted without any special tools or equipment. Love that.

 Newspaper Nails (DIY). What could be more fun for a writer? Kate Health and Beauty provides an easy step-by-step video tutorial in a posh British accent. (You can do this more colorfully with the Sunday comics too!)

 Fimo Nail Art, amazon, ($11 for 100 pieces). Make your manicures 3D with these Fimo sticks -- you slice off the design of your choice (fruits, butterflies, rainbows... there are thousands) and use nail glue to affix them to your fingers. Total Kawaii! Here's an instructional blog post from Beauty Vibes to help.

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