Cute Vintage Dresses Under $50


Green vintage dress We love vintage shopping! Browsing through racks is like searching in a treasure chest, and online offerings show you just the rubies and diamonds -- different experiences, both really fun. Every decade has such fun style to offer, so we chose a few summer dresses to spotlight (they're one-of-a-kind, but browse these sites for lots of great picks):

♥ 1960s Barkcloth Mini Dress, Parkrose Vintage ($26, pictured). Bright green tiki prints make us want to party. Seriously -- how cute is this dress?!

♥ 1970s Macaroon Pastel Stripe Dress, Market Publique ($18, current bid). This auction site is worth joining for lovely finds like this rainbow beauty with a ruffled top and flared skirt. 

♥ 1990s Black Floral Mini Sundress, Shareen Vintage ($42). Big collar, lace trim and the classic 90s tie-back waist. The original 90210 cast would be proud.

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