Acknowledging Our Rainbow History


PrideflagGay marriage in California is not legal (yet!), but there is a bill on the verge of passing that could make up for the stink of Prop. 8. The proposal requires textbooks in California public schools to include the historical contributions of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people, and it is sitting on Governor Jerry Brown's desk waiting to be approved.

This is all kinds of cool for many reasons, but one good deed the bill might do is combat the bullying of homosexual students. Of course, as with anything to do with this subject matter, there has been controversy surrounding the bill, but let's hope Gov'nah Brown gets the law going. There was a time when women and people of color faced the same discrimination, and someday we'll wonder why the sexual orientation of a person even mattered in the first place, so we might as well start giving credit where credit is due. Our country has been created by a whole rainbow of humanity.