July 2011

Q&A: Amber Riley Hates a Bully


Amber Mean Stinks Part of the reason why we love Glee is because it's about the underdogs -- the ones who are bullied, but still prevail! So, it makes perfect sense that Glee star Amber Riley has partnered with Secret and PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center for the Mean Stinks campaign.

We sat down with Amber to talk about the campaign, bullying and, of course, that show she's on:

I Heart Daily: What made you want to join the Mean Stinks Campaign?
Amber Riley: I want to help girls deal with bullying and take a stand against it. I get so many letters from girls and I want to inform them and give them a resource that helps deal with bullying and other tough issues.

IHD: Have you ever been bullied?
AR: I have been made fun of and teased, you know, like every other person. I did have a friend in high school who was a bully and I separated myself from her because I didn’t want to be associated with that. Actually my senior year, she wrote me a letter saying she knew she was wrong. She kind of just like apologized because she did miss our friendship and we had two totally different high school experiences -- she missed out because she was busy being mean.

IHD: Has Glee has opened a dialogue about bullying?
AR: I think there was a dialogue already before Glee even touched it. But Glee gave another opinion and added to [the discussion].

IHD: What would you tell someone who feels like they're in a hopeless situation in regards to being bullied?
AR: I would tell them if you can remove yourself from the situation, do. If not, tell an adult. Talk about it, don’t just keep it in and keep being bullied or get down on yourself and let it get worse. Secret's Mean Stinks page offers a forum for those who want advice from experts and peers. It’s a great place to start, but of course you still need to speak with an adult or person you trust as well.

IHD: Great advice. So... what are you hearting right now?
AR: I heart sleep because I’m deprived! So, I heart sleep, for sure!

Thanks, Amber! Sleep is key -- go rest! Everyone else,  a coupon at Facebook.com/MeanStinks -- for every Secret Clinical Strength coupon redeemed Secret will donate $1 to the cause. Cool!

Hello Kitty Graffiti!


01hellokittygloss Yay! My favorite three-apple-high fictional cat with an ear-bow has a new summer beauty collection available today at Sephora. Hello Kitty Graffiti pays tribute to all the street artists that decorate our cities with their bold creations and designs.

The collection includes a  makeup bag ($28), tiered palette with four eyeshadows and two blush/bronzers ($35), roll-on perfume ($18, pictured), a compact mirror ($18) and a 5-piece brush set in a Hello Kitty-shaped case ($49).

As with everything having to do with the Sanrio family, the cute factor is off the charts.

Cute Vintage Dresses Under $50


Green vintage dress We love vintage shopping! Browsing through racks is like searching in a treasure chest, and online offerings show you just the rubies and diamonds -- different experiences, both really fun. Every decade has such fun style to offer, so we chose a few summer dresses to spotlight (they're one-of-a-kind, but browse these sites for lots of great picks):

♥ 1960s Barkcloth Mini Dress, Parkrose Vintage ($26, pictured). Bright green tiki prints make us want to party. Seriously -- how cute is this dress?!

♥ 1970s Macaroon Pastel Stripe Dress, Market Publique ($18, current bid). This auction site is worth joining for lovely finds like this rainbow beauty with a ruffled top and flared skirt. 

♥ 1990s Black Floral Mini Sundress, Shareen Vintage ($42). Big collar, lace trim and the classic 90s tie-back waist. The original 90210 cast would be proud.

PS-Get tips on vintage shopping from our interview with Sammy Davis (check out her site for amazing vintage news and insights daily), and take her quiz to find out which vintage era fits your style best!

Read It: Small Town Sinners


SmallTownSinners (1) Of course you know Melissa as one of the editors of I Heart Daily, but did you know she also writes books? She does! Her brand new spankin' one, Small Town Sinners, hit bookshelves last week.

It's the story of 16-year-old Lacey Anne Byer, a good girl who's devoted to her evangelical church, The House of Enlightenment. She's excited to participate in her church's Hell House (more about that below), but a new boy in town starts to make her question everything she believes in. Intriguing? Yes! Here's Melissa answering a few questions for I Heart Daily:

I Heart Daily: What inspired you to write Small Town Sinners?
Melissa Walker: Back when I was an editor at ELLEgirl, my friend Joy's mother, Betty, started telling me about her church's "Judgment House" and my jaw dropped. I researched more about Hell Houses and Judgment Houses, and then I pitched it as a magazine story. The small town I visited, plus the teenagers in it, never left me. Here's that original ELLEgirl story.

IHD: What exactly is a Hell House?
MW: It's a haunted house of sin where the audience walks through a church production about "sins" like gay marriage, abortion, suicide, domestic abuse, etc. They're a recruitment technique for evangelical churches, and they can be very political, though there are lots of different versions.

IHD: Why did you feel this was an important story to tell?
MW: I think people often struggle with their faith and what to believe. Your parents really shape that part of your life, but at a certain point, you have to decide for yourself, so I wanted to write a story about that moment in time... when faith becomes a personal choice.

IHD: What are you currently hearting?
MW: American cheese, Friday Night Lights (I can't let go!), loose summer dresses, rainstorms, this nail polish and swimming in lakes.

Want to win a copy of Small Town Sinners (of course, you do! Even The New York Times liked it!)? Click here, then "like" the Bloomsbury Teens Facebook page. You'll automatically be entered to win a copy. Good luck!

Pretty, Organic Nail Polishes


Hopscotch Hopscotch Kids WaterColors are non-toxic, non-solvent-based nail polishes that are really made for your little sister. Thing is? They kind of rock my way-past-age-10 socks.

With colors that range from the bright pink "bubble gum, bubble gum, in a dish" and green "eenie, meenie, minie, moe" (pictured) to the dark and stormy "miss mary mack," I've fallen for their kid-centric vibe. You do have to buff nails to smooth the surface before applying, so there's an extra step, but it's kind of a good idea no matter how you're self-manicuring.

Each bottle is $12, and you'd be amazed at the scent-free goodness of the water-based polish, which is free of dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, acetone and all those other scary-sounding ingredients that great organizations like Teens for Safe Cosmetics warn you about.

So cute, so clean, so green!

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