Read It: Small Town Sinners


SmallTownSinners (1) Of course you know Melissa as one of the editors of I Heart Daily, but did you know she also writes books? She does! Her brand new spankin' one, Small Town Sinners, hit bookshelves last week.

It's the story of 16-year-old Lacey Anne Byer, a good girl who's devoted to her evangelical church, The House of Enlightenment. She's excited to participate in her church's Hell House (more about that below), but a new boy in town starts to make her question everything she believes in. Intriguing? Yes! Here's Melissa answering a few questions for I Heart Daily:

I Heart Daily: What inspired you to write Small Town Sinners?
Melissa Walker: Back when I was an editor at ELLEgirl, my friend Joy's mother, Betty, started telling me about her church's "Judgment House" and my jaw dropped. I researched more about Hell Houses and Judgment Houses, and then I pitched it as a magazine story. The small town I visited, plus the teenagers in it, never left me. Here's that original ELLEgirl story.

IHD: What exactly is a Hell House?
MW: It's a haunted house of sin where the audience walks through a church production about "sins" like gay marriage, abortion, suicide, domestic abuse, etc. They're a recruitment technique for evangelical churches, and they can be very political, though there are lots of different versions.

IHD: Why did you feel this was an important story to tell?
MW: I think people often struggle with their faith and what to believe. Your parents really shape that part of your life, but at a certain point, you have to decide for yourself, so I wanted to write a story about that moment in time... when faith becomes a personal choice.

IHD: What are you currently hearting?
MW: American cheese, Friday Night Lights (I can't let go!), loose summer dresses, rainstorms, this nail polish and swimming in lakes.

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