Shop For Good: The Megabolt Sketchbook Project


Megabolt sketchbook Sketchbooks are cool to have around. Tuck one in your pocket, your bag or your glove box and you'll instantly feel more like a creative soul. Jot notes, grocery lists, actual sketches -- it's your canvas! And now, through The Sketchbook Project, buying a Megabolt sketchbook ($7) means that a kid in the hospital also gets one. 

That's right -- for every sketchbook sold, Megabolt will donate one to a hospitalized child. The books are hand-numbered, so you can even track your sketchbook's twin through the website to see who's living in your sketchy parallel universe.

Bonus: When the kids are done with their books, their artwork may be uploaded to (with permission) where you can peek at what they've created. We can't think of a more win-win-win situation!