Travalo: Perfume To-Go


Travalo3 I just flew back home from a lovely trip and boy -- are my arms are tired (sorry, couldn't resist the corny joke)!

Though I packed efficiently and practically for my vacation, there was one thing I left out that I wish I could've taken: my perfume. But while I was throwing things into my toiletry bag, I realized my full-size bottle of Hanae Mori was just too heavy, not to mention over the TSA regulation of 3 fluid oz.

So, it's too bad that I just now learned about Travalo ($16, pictured), a finger-sized, refillable atomizer that fits 50 sprays of any perfume into a travel-friendly package. All you do is attach Travalo to your perfume bottle and fill it up (watch how it works here). For the first time, it's for sale in the US, and I'm excited to use it on my next trip! Now I can smell good in any time zone my pulse points desire.