Useful and Cute: Backpacks!


Backpack I am an unintentional collector of tote bags. It's almost like they're breeding in my apartment. But, I've lately fallen back in love with the backpack. And, luckily, there are tons of cute ones out there! Here are three that I'd bend over backwards for. 

 Cooperative Scout Backpack, Urban Outfitters ($39, pictured). Pretty, pretty turquoise backpack, I invite you to carry all my belongings. Also available in gray and neutral.

 Baggu Canvas Backpack ($32). I recently brought this bag with me on a trip to Sardinia. It served as my carry-on and as my beach bag. Suffice it to say: I recommend!  

 Leopard Print Jansport, Delia*s ($34.50). In high school, I carried a black Jansport that I painted with white out. Where was this beaut in the 90s?