5 Dream Catchers For Sweet Dreams


Dreamcatcher The concept of dream catchers is that they let the best dreams through (like ones about puppies, good grades and cute boys), and catches the bad ones (like monsters, showing up naked at school and failing a test). Sounds pretty awesome, right? Here are five dream catchers we found on Etsy that will ensure a sweet slumber.

Chained Dream Catcher Necklace, ThePurpleShmurple ($35, pictured). Made from turquoise suede, colorful beads and an antiqued copper/gold colored chain, this piece will look right at home against a plain white t-shirt.

Heart Dream Catcher, TickledPiinkBoutique ($13). Obviously, we at I Heart Daily have a certain affinity for hearts, which is why we are smitten with this particular dream catcher.

 Dream Catcher Earrings, SerenityJewelry ($8.50). This pair features amethysts, and a tiny dangly feather. Irresistable, no? Plus, they come gift boxed with a printed copy of the dream catcher legend.

Turquoise Suede Dream Catchers, Darkdreamcatcher ($5). These 3" dream catchers are the perfect size to hang from your car mirror or to decorate your bag, because you never know when a bad dream might be lurking!

 Light Tan Dream Catcher with Feather, WebbFoxDesigns ($15). For you minimalists, this simplistic dream catcher features a lone beaded feather.