Cool Girl: Teen Art Gallery Founder Audrey Banks, 17


TAG Teen Art Gallery (T.A.G.) is an organization that promotes teen-curated, teen-organized and teen-created art in galleries around New York City. Founded by Audrey Banks, 17, T.A.G.'s first show took place this summer. We talked to Audrey about teen art and how to pursue a big dream while you're still in high school.

I Heart Daily: Tell us about T.A.G.
Audrey Banks: The goal is to both provide young artists with a place to view their work and become an active participant in the art world at an earlier age. Many of the submissions we received demonstrated unbelievable sophistication, talent, and dedication. For some young artists, especially high schoolers, there is little opportunity for to become fully involved in the arts. This is what T.A.G. hopes to change.

IHD: When did your interest in art begin?
AB: By the time I could scribble, but I actually began thinking about choosing art as a career around age 7. I realized that I loved drawing horses and, well... it grew from there. I only recently became involved with painting, which is what I plan to major in in college.

IHD: What advice would you give to another teen who has a passion like yours?
AB: Really hold onto something you want. If you keep thinking about it, even if it doesn't seem like it's going anywhere, you are getting closer to obtaining it. I would also say that once you have the opportunity to obtain it, do it without hesitation, even if it's a multi-step process.

IHD: What are you hearting right now?
AB: Samson Keller and Halal Food.

Thanks, Audrey! Keep up with T.A.G. on Facebook, and watch for the call to submit your work for next year's exhibitions. And remember, Audrey says, "We accept all mediums including literature and music. If you consider it art, then submit it.

Photo: Sam Williams