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I’ve worked as an Entertainment Editor at ELLEgirl and Teen People magazine, which basically means I got paid to listen to music, interview celebrities and watch movies (I know, hard gig). I can be found roaming the streets of Brooklyn, NY, listening to my iPod and singing to myself.
I’m a former ELLEgirl and Seventeen Prom editor who’s written for COSMOgirl!, Teen Vogue, Glamour, New York and other magazines. I wrote a young adult book series about a not-so-confident model named Violet Greenfield (Violet on the Runway, Violet by Design and Violet in Private are the books). I roam Brooklyn with Anne, but I make her take her iPod off and talk to me when we walk together.
Anne on Melissa*: Melissa is my new work buddy. I don't know much about her, except that we both think the adjectives "sweet" and "nice" are lame. Maybe that makes us bitches, but we're nice bitches. But, this is the real reason why I think this girl is so cool – she works at a fashion mag, but drinks regular Coke and buys Mcdonald's extra value meals. Now, that's what I call a woman!
Melissa on Anne*: Anne is a good person to have around at work, mainly because she'll spend hours discussing texting etiquette instead of transcribing her interview with the author/musician/actor du jour. She's everything there is to like about people (quick-witted, hilarious, cute), plus she's nonjudgmental (except of boring people) and she straightened my hair, like, the second day she knew me. In short: irresistible.
*When Anne and Melissa met at ELLEgirl, they actually wrote down these initial impressions of each other!